Deep pockets, were there pockets

Somebody somewhere is making money off naked people:

Social nudism/naturism is presenting investment opportunities, according to a lite article on a site called Clapway.

Some of the numbers it cites are encouraging, if not overwhelming evidence of the investment potential of social nudism/naturism: “50 million Europeans visit a nudist beach at least once a year.” And “the industry is worth $400 million worldwide.” And “major holiday (vacation) companies include nudist-oriented activities,” including the top three in Britain.

You may have noticed that the places mentioned are not in North America, where there is an industry, but not much of one. Or maybe “not much of two” might be more appropriate; there’s the Old Guard at the traditional resorts, and there are some youngsters looking for something less, well, traditional. There are times that I think both sides view the other with suspicion.

And then there’s that whole “American = puritan” thing. You never quite know where it’s going to strike, but you know it’s never far away. It even divides families: there were five of us growing up, and two eventually embraced life in the nude, while three were horrified at the very thought. Certainly neither of my kids have ever shown any interest in the subject. I have friends who would happily doff their duds, but aren’t about to start until [insert far-off event, usually something along the lines of “when the kids move away”].

Vacation facilities in the States, by and large, seem to be indifferent to those of us without swimsuits. I say “seem” because there’s always the chance that I might be wrong. A friend once told me that a local water park had one heavily-unadvertised clothing-optional event each season. “Should we go?” I asked. For some reason, we never did; I tend to believe this was because she was married at the time and didn’t want to upset whatever applecarts might be parked around the home.

The Old Guard, incidentally, has a tendency to close ranks against one particular subgroup: single guys. This is one reason I haven’t taken advantage of its facilities; besides, I would much rather have someone go with me, even apart from the Rules. (I even hate going to dinner alone; it seems like such a waste of a potential good time.) Maybe someday, if I survive this current series of health crises.


  1. Annie »

    28 December 2016 · 7:36 am

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  2. CGHill »

    28 December 2016 · 8:18 am

    I am in fact an AANR member already, but your suggestion is welcomed.

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