A dream come true

Saturday morning, the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes were feeling a roster pinch: backup goalie Eddie Lack was not feeling well. Call someone up from the minor hockey leagues? Both their affiliates were long out of town. General Manager Ron Francis thought about it for a moment, then acted: he signed Jorge Alves, the Hurricanes’ equipment manager, to a tryout contract.

It wasn’t that bizarre an act; Alves had occasionally practiced with the team. But actually play in a real-life game? Couldn’t possibly happen.

And then Saturday evening, it did. With 7.6 seconds left and Tampa Bay long since having won, 3-1:

No strategy involved here; it was just good old-fashioned Give the Guy a Chance. And if Alves never mans the net again, well, by gum, he got himself a place in the record books.

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