Somehow the eighth

I was mildly dismayed to learn that Octavia Spencer is just one of seven children; I was so hoping that there would be one more sibling, to make the name fit. Not that she’s concerned about such silly things: she’s very busy these days, what with the recent opening of Hidden Figures, now in theaters, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Octavia Spencer at the HFAs

Octavia Spencer head shot

Octavia Spencer has just arrived

In the upcoming The Shack, she plays God, which bothers some people:

The Shack, a film based on a New York Times bestseller of the same name, is stirring controversy among evangelicals because a black woman — Octavia Spencer — is playing God.

Is this a major overreaction?

The fictional book written by William P. Young about a father who finds his way back to faith and healing after the brutal murder of his daughter, has drawn the ire of many Christians who have labeled it heresy.

I think the operative word here is “fictional.” Here’s the trailer:

It seems to me that if George Burns or Alanis Morissette can play God, so can Octavia Spencer.


  1. fillyjonk »

    10 January 2017 · 7:08 am

    A pastor I know recommends “The Shack” to people for reading. (He does warn people: God appears as a Black woman, and if that bothers you, probably not the book for you).

    I haven’t read it, not because of God-as-a-Black-woman but because I suspect I couldn’t deal well with reading about the precipitating event that led the father to need God’s direct intervention in his life. (I was a fan of “Joan of Arcadia” back in the day, so God appearing as something other than a white guy with a long beard is never something that’s bothered me)

  2. Jean »

    10 January 2017 · 2:33 pm

    Book is terrific. Looking forward to the movie.

  3. jsallison »

    11 January 2017 · 8:45 pm

    What, Morgan Freeman was unavailable?

  4. CGHill »

    11 January 2017 · 8:47 pm

    Maybe he was tired of being typecast.

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    15 January 2017 · 8:49 pm

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