Hierarchy of knees

Yesterday I posed this slightly weird question to half of the Twitterverse:

What prompted this outburst? I had caught an episode of Henry Danger, a sort-of-superhero series on Nickelodeon, and there’s Ella Anderson, eleven, who plays Henry’s sister Piper, gliding onto the sofa like a foreshortened Claudia Cardinale. I couldn’t remember any eleven-year-old girls doing that during the period when I could legitimately be interested in eleven-year-old girls; for that matter, when I was eleven, the girls in closest proximity were fourteen or fifteen and that much closer to Grown Up, whatever that meant at the time.

Here follows a screencap of Ella as Piper, followed by a picture I found at IMDb, suggesting that this is nothing unusual for her:

Ella Anderson on and off set

Of course, I couldn’t justify bringing this up here without at least one more qualification. Apparently the young lady is a Russell Westbrook fan:

Ella Anderson in a Westbrook jersey

My pesky Inner Child, a nine-year-old girl, wants to know when she can have this much of my attention. I think I’ll just tell her to sit for awhile.


  1. fillyjonk »

    16 January 2017 · 7:08 pm

    Upon further reflection, I think I was probably 15 or so when I first tried the “cross at the knees” thing. When I was 9-11 I think my legs would have been too short (very rapid growth spurt around 13: I had a long, awkward, coltish period for a while after; I don’t think I truly grew out of it until I was in my 20s)

  2. ETat »

    17 January 2017 · 6:42 am

    The last photo, in makeup and slutty pose, make me think of kiddy porn websites…

  3. Lynn »

    17 January 2017 · 9:16 am

    I can’t really remember exactly but I’m pretty sure it was well before I was 11. I never did it to be “grown-up”. It just happened to feel comfortable and I never thought about it. Sadly, I have somewhat thicker thighs now so it’s been a few years since it was comfortable.

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