Advocates for the unclad

Three of my four Official Memberships cycle in January, so I have checks to write. One of the recipients is the American Association for Nude Recreation, and I suppose that it’s logical that I started with this organization a decade ago in January, when I have to resolve the conflict between being as comfortable as possible and paying an extra $50 to the gas company.

One permanent part of the renewal package is the Nudists’ Bill of Rights, which you can read here. I have no quarrel with any of these, but the mailed version includes some examples of the organization’s advocacy efforts, one of which stood out:

AANR helped me to explain to my neighbors why my autistic son’s comfort with nudity in our apartment was a natural response to his autism.

The situation is believable — I know a family who had a child who went through several years of not getting dressed, and there are other examples on the Web — but I admit up front that I don’t know enough about autism to comprehend why taking one’s clothes off is a “natural response.”

And the next check I had to write was to the American Automobile Association. I just wish these two groups could combine their efforts long enough to persuade lawmakers that there’s nothing wrong with driving in the buff.

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