Fewer wins, more fans

On New Year’s Day, I issued a batch of predictions. For the Oklahoma Redhawks of the Pacific Coast League, I projected the following:

Record: 81-63 (first in PCL American/Southern)
Attendance: 490,000 (average 6,800; 6th in PCL)

Actual results:

Record: 74-70 (second in PCL American/Southern)
Attendance: 526,932 (average 7,421; 6th in PCL)

Considering the fact that the ‘Hawks got off to a 9-18 start, 74-70 doesn’t sound all that bad, and nobody came close to Round Rock this season anyway. (The Express finished at 85-59, 11 games in front.)

Still, the 8-ball is a tad cloudier than I’d prefer.

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