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In fact, please erase this link:

Americans and Europeans love Kit Kats, but not like the Japanese do. The Asian country has a huge variety of flavors of the chocolate candy, as well as entire stores dedicated to it.

And this month, to celebrate the opening of a new Kit Kat store in Ginza, Nestlé will begin offer Kit Kat sushi for a limited time.

Available from February 2 to February 4, the specialty treats are designed to look just like some of the most popular rolls, just with candy on top — and the fishy ingredients have been replaced, too.

Originally, this scheme was planned for a different month:

Certainly, Kit Kat sushi seems like a totally wild idea — in fact, the brand first announced the creation as a joke for April Fool’s Day.

The “joke” sushi actually looked quite a lot like the real thing they’re selling now, and was advertised with a sake-flavored Kit Kat, which is actually available to buy.

While supplies last, customers who spend ¥3000 ($26) will get the three-unit sushi set for free.

(Via American Digest.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    2 February 2017 · 9:33 pm

    Candy sushi has been a thing for a while some places. (E.g., rice krispie treats to replace the rice, fruit-roll ups for the nori….) In fact, I seem to remember some arguments about “cultural appropriation” in re: candy sushi.

    If I’m reading this right, it’s just kit kats that LOOK LIKE sushi; it’s not actually yellowfin tuna flavored kit kats or some such? (Kit Kats for cats?)

  2. CGHill »

    2 February 2017 · 10:17 pm

    No fish were harmed in the preparation of these Kit Kats.

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