Pieces gone to

Three seconds before the end of the second quarter, the Thunder were thrashing the Pacers by 14 points. Then Glenn Robinson III nailed a trey from the corner, Russell Westbrook’s 35-footer at the horn went nowhere useful, and for most of the rest of the night, the Pacers were in control, outscoring OKC by an appalling 32-18 margin in the third and outlasting the Thunder’s inconsistent defense in the fourth. Suddenly, the Thunder started to get stops, and an 11-2 run closed the gap to a single point with a minute and a half left. But that’s where they ran out of steam, and the last Thunder possession, started with 7.6 seconds left, ended with two three-point attempts by Westbrook. So the Pacers sweep the Thunder, 2-0, with a 93-90 win, Indiana’s seventh straight victory, the third-longest win streak in the league. (Miami’s won 10 straight somehow, and Boston seven.)

Thaddeus Young was sitting tonight, due to a sprained wrist, but the Pacers didn’t need him that badly; George delivered 21 points, Jeff Teague 17, and Robinson, coming off the bench, brought 14. Myles Turner scored 10 and blocked four shots. Weirdly, the Pacers shot only 38 percent and gathered only 37 rebounds; OKC shot 39 percent and picked up 61 boards. Westbrook’s final line: 27-18-9. Yeah, he missed the triple-double, but 18 rebounds would be just short of his career high. Andre Roberson, despite catching an elbow to the larynx in the second half, hung around for a double-double (11 points/11 rebounds).

Two more games this week. Good: the Thunder are back home. Not so good: the first one is against the Cavaliers, who are already one up on OKC this season. If possible, even less good: the second one is against the Warriors, who blah blah blah Durant blah blah. At least they aren’t back-to-back.

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