It’s malterrific!

The Nineties called. They want their clear malt beverage back:

Zima could be coming back zoon. MillerCoors is poised to reintroduce the 1990s-era clear malt beverage that was once advertised as “zomething different.”

Beer Business Daily … reported that the brand is already in distributor warehouses and will “allegedly be offered for a limited time only.” A MillerCoors spokesman told Ad Age that “more news [is] coming soon” and that “if you’re one of the zillion fans who have missed Zima, the answer should be clear.”

Originally owned by Coors, the malt beverage surged out of the gate in the early 1990s, before falling on hard times. It was eventually discontinued in the U.S. several years ago, but is still sold in Japan.

Never mind that. Will we see more of these?

(Via Lemonade Musings, because of course it is.)


  1. McG »

    5 March 2017 · 10:27 am

    I liked the ads featuring Porkpie Guy (or whatever kind of hat that was) better.

  2. ETat »

    5 March 2017 · 10:59 am

    Zima/ Зима (with second syllable stressed) means “winter” in Russian.
    I don’t have to tell’ya what beverage preferred@ Russian winter – but it ain’t “ZIma”

  3. ETat »

    5 March 2017 · 11:01 am

    Зима/Zima (stress on 2nd syllable) means Winter in Russian.
    You can take it from me: there is a suitable beverage for Russian winter, but it ain’t MillerCoors product…

  4. fillyjonk »

    5 March 2017 · 12:14 pm

    I first read the title as “Mal-terrific,” which I assumed to be a neologism meaning “terrific, but in a bad way.”

    I still think it applies. (Disclaimer: I have never even tasted Zima and am merely going on the descriptions of friends)

  5. ETat »

    5 March 2017 · 12:23 pm


  6. ETat »

    5 March 2017 · 12:24 pm

    whatever happened to my 2 previous attempts?

  7. CGHill »

    5 March 2017 · 2:54 pm

    I didn’t see but one.

  8. ETat »

    5 March 2017 · 3:18 pm

    What I tried to say: ZIma (Зима, stress on 2nd syll.) means Winter in Russian. And mere beer is no match for those 5 months of misery…something stronger is in order

  9. ETat »

    6 March 2017 · 7:07 pm

    …and yet it happened again.
    I think your site doesn’t like ‘a) Cyrillic (I wrote the word Zima in Russian, meaning “winter”) and b) links

  10. CGHill »

    9 March 2017 · 7:09 pm

    So I poked around elsewhere in the database, and voilà!

    I do apologize for not thinking of this particular angle. Now to figure out why this happened.

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