When ripped won’t do

I have only recently made my peace with ripped jeans, conceding that their sheer ubiquity trumps my concern about perceived raggedness. Moms, I guess, are not supposed to wear ripped jeans, though I can’t imagine these as a substitute:

Clear Knee Mom Jeans from Topshop

I looked at those, and recalled from distant memory the nicest legs it has ever been my privilege to see. Will that little plastic viewing window convey just how nice they are? I don’t think so. Still, there are sillier things being offered in dead seriousness these days, so I don’t think I’ll get my Dockers knotted over these.

If you’re at all interested: $95 from Topshop, at Nordstrom.

(Via Holly A. Bell.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    13 March 2017 · 1:41 pm

    I can’t even. Is it so you can scrub up toddler vomit off the floor without getting the knees of your jeans wet? Or is it just some Empress’ New Jeans thing that I’m not sophisticated enough to understand?

    (I can usually get 2-3 pairs of Lees from the farm and feed store for that price)

  2. Holly H »

    14 March 2017 · 11:40 am

    I think I’ve seen a pair, in my Goodwill shopping. Two bucks on half-price day!

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