Drawing a crowd

Tampa TV station WFLA-TV ran a news item about the upcoming Bare Dare 5k run in Pasco County, for which county government — there aren’t a lot of municipalities in Pasco — anted up $5200 to subsidize. Conservative Floridians, of which there are a bunch, might not think much of this scheme, but the demographics of the race seem to be encouraging:

Profile of Bare Dare 5k Runners

Local estimate: over $25,000 in room charges for the 400 or so runners expected, plus anything else they might spend before or after the race. Money, as always, talks.

(Note: There are, in fact, five cities and one town in Pasco County; the rest of the county is unincorporated. I pulled up Wikipedia to see if my memory was correct — and it was. But I also noticed that the “Nudists” subhead that used to be on that page has been deleted in its entirety, though it survives on Infogalactic.)

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