Bound to the blog

As this site comes up on its 21st birthday, I’ve happened upon an Elena Peters piece called “The Ugly Side of Blogging No One Talks About”, with, yes, 21 individual examples of the Ugly Side. And, well, we should talk about them, in the hopes of discouraging competitors.

No, wait. That’s wrong.

Anyway, several of the examples touch on the blog’s nearly unequaled capacity as a time suck. For instance:

18. Bloggers don’t bathe, get dressed or see sunlight … for days.

Straight up. I am pasty white from lack of sunshine, I smell cause I haven’t bathed and I am not sure how many days I have spent in my pajamas. Ah, the life of the self-employed.

Not quite Instagram worthy am I? Rest assured. I am not alone.

But I have to go get groceries occasionally and having to skype with clients or do a Facebook live once in awhile assures that I do put on fresh clothes and makeup once in a blue moon.

P.S. Obviously I could never be a fashion or beauty blogger. I don’t know how you guys do it!

For those of us who still have day jobs, this is not fully applicable: we may have eye-blinding albedo, but we do have to hit the showers on a regular basis, and, well, some of us own no pajamas. Still, if you’re trying to make a living on a screen full of ASCII, there are going to be points where dedication and drudgery meet and then refuse to go their separate ways.

That said, I dunno how the fashion/beauty bloggers do it, though I am at least reasonably conversant in the jargon.


  1. fillyjonk »

    20 March 2017 · 10:21 am

    I suspect that it’s a lot worse doing it for income than for a hobby. I am only a casual blogger and I have *not* experienced most of those.

    What is it someone said? Work consists of what a body is obliged to do, and play consists of what they are not obliged to do?

    Still, I see the “beautiful” lives some bloggers seem to have, with perfect families and nice clean homes and long threads of adoring comments, and I vacillate between envy (why can’t I have that), self-pity (why am I not more interesting, then I could have that), and realism (they’re feeding us all a line of BS; my messy life is actually most people’s reality and I’m just less prone to hide it)

    Still, it would be nice not to get more would-be 419 scam comments than real comments….

  2. McG »

    20 March 2017 · 2:09 pm

    Still, I see the “beautiful” lives some bloggers seem to have, with perfect families and nice clean homes and…

    Sounds like dreadfully boring reading.

  3. Mike aka Proof »

    20 March 2017 · 2:24 pm

    I will admit that blogging has wasted a lot of my time, but I am convinced that 2009 will be better!

  4. Roger O Green »

    21 March 2017 · 1:39 pm

    I bathed at least twice this week…

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