I, sucker

This email came in shortly after 3:00 yesterday:

Please confirm your order from Billy Sims BBQ by calling us at 405-858-8646, we’d really appreciate it.

I hadn’t actually placed an order, though the thought had occurred to me, especially since I’d finished my tax return about then.

I suppose I should have read the next paragraph:

Also you have been enlisted to try out our groundbreaking new S & S technology, just ask your friendly CSR for complete details. Thanks to all of our courageous beta testers, we made it through the dark days of the inorganic compounds, and now, we’ve finally made it work with actual meals … hooray! Order online at 858ToGo.com or enjoy our world famous OKC hospitality at (405) 858-ToGo or (405) 858-8646.

When I reached the CSR, he sounded rather weary; apparently it wasn’t his idea to blanket local customers with this prank. Still, I hadn’t set anything out for dinner yet, and I seldom if ever cook on Saturday, so I went ahead and ordered Billy Sims’ three-meat combo. A couple bucks more than I’d planned to spend, but what the hell.

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