Undressed alike

All subcultures, I suspect, have their Convenient Fictions, simplistic little platitudes that are meant to keep the members happy and keep the non-members from stirring up trouble among the general population. Social nudity is no different. One example:

I have heard this argument on the beach, in the hot tub, at the restaurant, in the pool, and on the veranda of a cruise ship. “The great thing about nudity is that it makes us all equal! We are all the same once stripped of our uniforms that provide cues about social status, income, education, and personal ideologies regarding motorcycles and the human qualities of cats.”

As Ira Gershwin would have had it, it ain’t necessarily so:

[I]f you really think this myth to be a truth, try visiting the teachers’ lounge at Any School USA to see how those birds of a feather flock together. (Or not!) We are not all the same, even when most of our life choices regarding career, church, and family would indicate that we are, and the lack of clothing actually does very little to hide those differences which really matter.

I truly wish this wasn’t the case. When we first began our naturist explorations, we were much more optimistic about meeting people at naturist venues who would share our interests, values, and ideals. But in reality, I would put the odds someplace in the same ballpark as on-line dating. Once you’ve finished the obligatory conversation about “Isn’t it great to be naked and free?” you’ve got to have something else to talk about.

Whether this presents a problem, I suspect, depends on one’s tolerance for other people’s opinions generally. Having never suffered from I Am Always Right Syndrome, I figure I can swiftly shake it off.

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  1. McG »

    4 April 2017 · 9:29 am

    In the immortal words of Pete Townshend:

    People think we dress alike to segregate identities
    Pills or drink or puffing pipes in integrated entities
    Then they wink and snort their line
    And say how great their Bentley is
    They feel so warm when they conform

    They say that nakedness is what our Lord intended
    When we stand naked then we all appear the same
    But it’s just faking it if we all try pretending
    Are we just making all our prayers in the rain
    Heaven knows I need new clothes

    Women in fundamentalist Muslim societies have firsthand knowledge of how to “all appear the same”.

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