Not that she’s incendiary or anything

Singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs regrets to inform you that her show at Union Hall in Brooklyn has been cancelled:

I’m the most bummed to report that my show on 4/8 at Union Hall is cancelled due to the recent fire at the venue. So glad everyone was okay and that the venue will be able to reopen soon, and I’ll look forward to rescheduling next time I’m out east!

Jenny Owen Youngs working that Jackie De Shannon look

Jenny Owen Youngs gives you that look

Over her twelve-year career, she has opened for a dizzying number of acts, headlined a number of shows, and recorded three albums.

Jenny Owen Youngs' first album, Batten the Hatches

Her first album, Batten the Hatches, was self-released back in 2005 and picked up for reissue by the Nettwerk label two years later, largely on the strength of this song:

The song in question (1) appeared in the second-season premiere of the Showtime series Weeds and (2) was not, um, blipped therein as it is here.

In 2013, she exited The Closet for good and was wed to longtime girlfriend and LGBTQ activist Kristin Russo.

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