The hardest of hard copy

According to a plugin I keep handy for just such an occasion, I have spun out 4.6 million words on the last twenty thousand-odd posts, not counting static pages (the Vents) or comments (1.6 million more). This would make a hell of a large book, not that anyone is asking for one.

This week I got a pitch from something called BlookUp, which, um, yeah, you guessed it:

In a few clicks import your blog, choose your content, your cover and preview your book FOR FREE. Compatible with WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Blogspirit, Skyrock, Canalblog, Haut et Fort, Instagram and Facebook.

I don’t think I can import all this “in a few clicks.” More to the point, it isn’t really expensive unless you can say something like “I don’t think I can import all this ‘in a few clicks’.” They seem to max out at 500 pages, and 500 pages in magazine-size format runs $9.60 for the first 24 pages plus 38 cents for each additional page = $190.48. That’s per copy. Not that I could expect to sell more than one or two. Still, I love the idea that this actually exists.


  1. fillyjonk »

    6 April 2017 · 10:48 am

    Kind of vanity-press, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Doesn’t look like they’re charging “predatory” rates to publish….

    (Confession: I’d kinda want this if I ever got wind of Blogger heading for the last roundup; I can’t keep a paper diary to save my life but it’s nice to know that this past 15 years actually happened….)

  2. Roger Green »

    6 April 2017 · 1:15 pm

    Dustbury’s Greatest Hits!

    Fillyjonk – you should import your Blogger blog to some free WP site. I was able to capture about 9.5 years (May 2005-October 2014)

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