Something less than fab

Cristina reveals the reasons — a baker’s dozen! — she’d like to quit Instagram, even though it’s essential to her career as a shoeblogger. This one struck me particularly hard:

If we’ve ever met, chances are I’ve talked about how much I dislike typing on my iPhone. And how much I miss my old school Nokia 3310, where I felt I could type a million words a minute (yes, I’m that old, thank you very much!). But something about Apple’s teeny-tiny keyboard doesn’t cut it for me.

I’m constantly struggling with jelly fingers, resulting in many more “shits” than “shots” & “fab” vs … well, a derogatory term I would never use but my phone seems to auto-incorrect for me. I believe it’s time for Siri & I to have a little chat. Or possibly go Android. Yes, shocking!

I had one of those little Nokia candy bars, and I didn’t type worth a flip, so to speak, on it.

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  1. McG »

    8 April 2017 · 10:01 pm

    My Nexus 6P has a much bigger keyboard than my iPhone 4 had, but the one on my third and current tablet — a 10-plus inch Pixel C — spoils me.

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