Do you have tabs for this?

Leroy Anderson’s 1950 composition The Typewriter does in fact require a typewriter on stage, though there’s a catch:

The typewriter is modified so that only two keys work; although many listeners have suspected that stenographers are enlisted to “play” the typewriter, Anderson reported that only professional drummers have sufficient wrist flexibility.

Suppose you had non-drummers and no orchestra? Then what?

“Challenge accepted,” say the Boston Typewriter Orchestra:

Though admittedly, it’s hard on the equipment.

(Via Miss Cellania.)


  1. McG »

    8 April 2017 · 10:03 pm

    The IBM Selectric would require only one key, but (1) the rate of fire is hard-wired, and (2) I’m sure most prefer acoustic anyway.

  2. Holly H »

    10 April 2017 · 9:58 am

    Kooky fun. 1. Great re-use idea; 2. These guys don’t have enough to do.

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