What happened yesterday

Some time around noon Central, this site — indeed all my sites — went south, and I mean at the level of Tierra del Fuego. Did this have something to do with the upgrade to a Virtual Private Server last week? Well, kinda sorta: the sites did get moved, but the DNS change, which frankly I did not anticipate, went through yesterday. So basically we had to wait for the DNS change to propagate to your DNS provider: until it did, you got either a 404 or a generic Down page. OpenDNS, my own DNS provider, wasn’t apparently in any hurry; some of you were able to get in before I was.


  1. McG »

    19 April 2017 · 10:12 am

    Google DNS has it now.

  2. And back up once more | dustbury.com in reserve »

    19 April 2017 · 11:53 am

    […] Explanation is here. […]

  3. The Other McCain »

    19 April 2017 · 5:27 pm

    In The Mailbox: 04.19.17

    Dustbury: What Happened Yesterday

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