Inconvenienced psychopath issues a threat

Like this:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: If service to Safeway and QFC stores in Washington State especially King County I will start destroying things and even more!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Let the little madman speak:

here is the situation

Some Safeway and QFC stores in Washington State are denying consumers their god given right to do things such as renew their monthly Orca bus card (for monthly passes) and add money to Orca Cards due to a technical issue that is most likely caused by the people that invented it just to inconvenience people and force them to be patient until the issue is resolved (an example of how people like this like to cause chaos and disorder).

here is what is going to happen:

Service to this will be restored by April 25th of 2017 by anywhere from midnight to 9am that day or I will take the following actions:

I will get flammable materials in the form of flammable liquid (most likely gas cans and whatever is cheaply and easily obtainable in my area) and start finding areas not on retailers property but wherever near there I see fit (could be neighborhoods and any place near those parts of town that have areas people can get into undetected and easily without notice and I will start burning things down (random acts of Arson).

I live in King County but have access for a limited time to some areas by the means I have to get around to places so mark my word this is something I am capable of doing and will do if my demands to have this service restored by then are not met.

if it comes to the point where I have to start harming people or even cops (or pigs as I call them) that stand in my way then well… I will do whatever it takes then.
Update: – link works on all browsers – link works in Internet explorer but not Opera Browser for some reason. whether it works on firefox or not I do not know as I have not used that browser in a long time
Update 2: my actions will not affect retailers themselves but rather random areas around them that I manage to find that are secure during any time of day I find out about that I can access certain areas of any kind
Update 3: I do know that technically forcing people of any kind to do something they do not want to do might be technically referred to as terrorism but then even if that is the case I do not give a s***.

f*** the police anyway

in short action by fire as such is the action I will take if my demands to have Orca card services are not restored by April 25th of 2017 action against actual people is mostly what I will do if my demands are not met and people try to stop me.
Update 4: I do not fear the reaper or the law (I am not afraid of anything).

worst thing after death anyway is I will be reborn into the next life anyway (well that is if I fail anyway… which I will not).
Update 5: even areas around my own neighborhood I will attack as long as it does not affect me personally directly.
Update 6: I am the mad dog

and this is my time
Update 7: also I should note that if some action is not done to undo whatever glitch and/or technical issue caused by whomever is responsible for this is not done by Monday that week even (meaning if I do not find out anything by then) I will start planning what places to attack first that very Monday night at least.

gotta plan ahead for these sort of things ya know.
not planning ahead only makes my plan harder to accomplish if my demands are not met.
Update 8: I will not give my exact location but I will however make the following additional demands:
Update 9: the following cities will have service restored first for Orca Card bus passes:

Update 10: I do not take kindly to disappointment and do not tolerate failure.
Update 11: Monday that week is merely a night for planning.

I say this as I have to work most of the day Monday but after I get home I have all the free time to plan further.
Update 12: if I cannot get flammable liquid in time for whatever reason I have many flammable papers and such around where I live that I do not use that I would not mind using for this if I need to at any time
Update 13: Does what I am saying have a motive


does it have a good reason


am I extremely impatient

Update 14: I am serious this time

anything else I complained about on here is nothing compared to this.

I will take the action I said I would if my demands are not met By April 25th of 2017 this week
Update 15: I do not fear FBI, police, and even Trump.
Update 16: all I have to do now is delete this yahoo account by changing the password first and then deleting it. its not much but its a start

Being the generous soul I am, I passed the link to the Seattle police department. I’m sure the little bastard’s ISP knows who he is, and where he is.


  1. fillyjonk »

    24 April 2017 · 8:23 pm

    Holy crap.

    I thought Milton Waddams was scary.

    Well, where he’s likely going, he won’t need that ORCA card.

  2. McG »

    25 April 2017 · 9:46 am

    How dare they (whoever they are) not give him his cookie?

  3. Holly H »

    25 April 2017 · 3:41 pm

    Well I thought he was crazy, but when he said he could achieve anonymity by deleting his yahoo account, I KNEW he was.

  4. nightfly »

    25 April 2017 · 3:53 pm

    Update 17: I demand Fig Newtons while in King County Correctional Facility, or I will take expandable fibrous material such as but not including the local weekly news-paper and any toilet roll that i am given and i will clog toilets near to but not directly affecting my cell. I will strike in any of the areas around Cell Blocks A, B, C, E, or the visitors commodes

    Update 18: I am serious this time and I do not tolerate disappointment or pepper spraying into my cell by the guards

    Update 19: I will immediately delete this account so that I cannot be traced and I am serious.

  5. CGHill »

    26 April 2017 · 9:36 am

    Well, it’s the 26th. I didn’t see anything like this in The Seattle Times, so either (1) he got his pass or (2) they very quietly had him put away.

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