Don’t mess with Counselor Troi

So this little dustup happened:

How Marina Sirtis got dragged into this thread, I don’t want to know. Anyway, she was right back at Mr. Mansions:

When Deanna Troi asks “How big is yours?” it’s all over.


  1. McG »

    30 April 2017 · 8:15 am

    Marina may not know how many mansions Bernie the Socialist owns, nor how many of her homes could fit inside the smallest of them.

  2. Holly H »

    1 May 2017 · 1:00 pm

    1. So a quick search suggests that Sanders is worth around 500K:
    How many ‘mansions’ could he own, really?
    2. Even if he did own many mansions, you gotta give him credit for wanting to pay higher taxes on all his alleged wealth.

  3. CGHill »

    1 May 2017 · 2:40 pm

    From the page you linked: “Senators don’t have to report the value of personal, private residences.” I’d suggest, though, that his Vermont condo falls short of mansion status.

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