The girl in 18B

Of all the girls I’ve ever seen, she was the only one I occasionally couldn’t see.

Or something like that. This far along, it’s hard to be sure.


  1. McG »

    1 May 2017 · 10:38 pm

    When I was in junior-high school, a tall, skinny, smart and funny girl took a shine to me, and I didn’t realize what a gift she could have been because all the other boys in my class told me she wasn’t pretty.

    I can still describe her if anyone asks (don’t), but I won’t tell anyone her name even though I still remember it clearly. By now she has, I hope, long settled into a life she deserves with someone who appreciated what she had to offer.

    Besides, if I’d appreciated her, who would’ve appreciated Mrs. McG?

  2. CGHill »

    1 May 2017 · 10:53 pm

    Good point. This “older woman” (by six whole months) from my past — well, I remember her name, and sometimes I think I hear her voice. I do hope she’s having a long and happy life.

    No peer pressure in my case, though: we went to different schools.

  3. Holly H »

    2 May 2017 · 9:15 am

    Yeah, I think we all have a couple of “What was I thinking?” back-stories. Just another “youth is wasted on the young” examples.

  4. Roger O Green »

    2 May 2017 · 9:45 am

    Mine from school eventually moved NEXT DOOR to me, married too young, with kids. Weirded me out.

  5. Holly H »

    2 May 2017 · 10:16 am

    ha! Well, at least you apparently made the right call.

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