Miami TV host Jenny Scordamaglia effortlessly switches back and forth between English and Spanish without missing a beat. It’s an inspiring phenomenon to witness, no matter what (if anything) she happens to be wearing.

Unfortunately, on her Facebook page, I found this slideshow which appeared to be translated from Spanish to English by someone who spoke only Urdu:

Walmart, a acclaimed arcade centermost believes that arrogant them would not only give big accumulation to shoppers, but can additionally accommodate a bigger life. While at the store, you can see their absorbing products. Aside from these views, there’s addition affair that surprises shoppers and workers alike: gimmicks and added awe-inspiring being fabricated by witty, absorption seekers. These abnormal things brought fun and chills to those who’ve apparent them.

In additional affair, one of the 12 captions was used on two consecutive photos, leaving the rest of the series out of sync with itself.

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