Forget the Alamo

This one, anyway:

Imprisoned evangelist Tony Alamo has died more than seven years after he was sentenced in federal court in Arkansas to a 175-year prison term, authorities said.

The Bureau of Prisons said the 82-year-old Alamo, whose real name was Bernie Lazar Hoffman, died Tuesday while in custody at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, N.C. Further details about his cause of death weren’t immediately known, though Alamo was reported to have suffered from health problems, including diabetes and a 2011 heart attack.

Goodness. Whatever was he imprisoned for?

Alamo was convicted in 2009 on 10 counts of taking young girls across state lines for sex. Some of them, as young as 8 years old, had been forced to become Alamo’s “wives.”

“Consent is puberty,” Alamo told The Associated Press in September 2008, during the same weekend that state and federal agents raided the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries in the tiny southwest Arkansas town of Fouke in an investigation of child abuse and pornography.

Historical note: When they refer to the “Fouke Monster,” they don’t mean Tony Alamo.


  1. Holly H »

    5 May 2017 · 12:34 pm

    OK, I’m confused. If these girls were that young, what did it have to do with state lines? Our laws seem wacky sometimes.

  2. CGHill »

    5 May 2017 · 1:47 pm

    This would fall under the provisions of the Mann Act.

  3. fillyjonk »

    5 May 2017 · 4:26 pm

    No self-respecting “skunk ape” would want to be confused with Alamo…

  4. Joseph Hertzlinger »

    6 May 2017 · 11:48 pm

    I once picked up a Tony Alamo pamphlet. It had a headline claiming the IRS was in league with Satan and I figured that made sense. It was the rest of the pamphlet that was nuts.

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