Don’t call it Pig Alley

Lorna Burford in Christian Loubotin Pigalle pumpsLorna Burford (Raindrops of Sapphire) came up with a gorgeous coral skirt suit from Topshop (£97), and finished off the look with Louboutins, because, hey, this is what Louboutins do, and why you pay the big bucks for them. Says Nordstrom of this shoe:

A go-to style that’s anything but basic, the suede pointy-toe Pigalle pump is refined with a daring, slimmed-down stiletto that’s a hallmark of the Follies line. Christian Louboutin’s iconic red sole — born from a brush with red nail lacquer — pops with each delightfully clicking step.

Pigalle is home to some Parisian entertainments (such as the Moulin Rouge) that might possibly upset newcomers to the Eternal City; American GIs called it Pig Alley. It’s only reasonable that Louboutin would name a shoe after it.

Then again, at $675, this is fairly inexpensive as Louboutins go, which helps the clothing budget, or at least busts it less. Here’s the complete look, as styled by Lorna Burford:

Lorna Burford in a coral skirt suit

Not that you’re going to order these shoes, but if you do, they tend to run small.


  1. McG »

    7 May 2017 · 9:40 pm

    I thought Paris was the City of Light.

  2. CGHill »

    7 May 2017 · 10:27 pm

    And of late, the City of Irate Persons Without Ethnic Descriptions.

  3. ETat »

    8 May 2017 · 5:41 am

    Theese partiIs there something slightly untoward with her knees? Why does she crook inwards lower part of her neither extremities in every shoot? That doesn’t make her cute, just looking deformed, as if she was rachitic in childhood. Or possibly in the throes of “having to go, now!”.

    The length of the skirt is wrong, too. It should be either shorter (and club jacket longer), so the difference between them is 2-3″. Or go classically just above her kneecup (with current jacket’s length).
    And that preciousness “name necklace”! Even “beauties with the booties”, from whence the trend comes from, don’t wear it as being too vulgar and reminiscent of dog collars signs.

    If she was a regular blogger, I wouldn’t bother with a comment – but the tone of her post suggest she thinks of herself as celebrity – or at the very least, someone whose choice of clothes should be noted and studied by the admiring audience.

    The color coral, though, is good. Very good. It would be outstanding on a slim Japanese girl with porcelain skin and raven-black hair.

  4. Holly H »

    8 May 2017 · 10:14 am

    Every clothing item I need can be found at Goodwill. Except for my precious Skechers. And of course, underwear. No wait, I’ve bought bras there too. Good ones, Victorias Secret, which is part of the fun of Goodwill shopping. Paying $1.00 (on half-price day), for a garment that cost 35.00 is wicked fun. Will add this suit to my watch-list.

  5. ETat »

    8 May 2017 · 6:48 pm

    Wait, the shoes @pics do not appear to be suede – there is a shine to them. Are you sure that’s a right model?

  6. CGHill »

    8 May 2017 · 7:18 pm

    Lorna’s certainly aren’t. The Pigalle has been offered in several different leathers over its long lifetime; Nordstrom is currently selling three colors, all in suede. I probably should have done some editing on their pitch.

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