Strange search-engine queries (588)

Because it’s Monday, and because we’ve done this every Monday for about ten years, we present the most recent gleanings from the search logs, selected on the basis of laugh potential.

can mazda dealers work on transmissions:  It’s usually easier to swap out a failed unit for a newly-rebuilt one. Don’t ask what it costs.

in the excerpt, which concept causes the downfall of humanity?  A new government health-insurance plan. Don’t ask what it costs.

political free zone:  My house, plus everything that’s adjacent to it.

suppose that the probability of getting pulled over for erratic driving is 60% in berkeley and 40% in reno. assume you are an erratic driver. if you flip a fair coin to decide which city to visit, what is the probability that you will get pulled over?  One hundred percent, because you have Mississippi plates.

ukulele stand: I’m for ’em.

warren spends all his income on dvds and beer, currently consuming three dvds and ten beers. suppose the price of beer rises. we can infer that: Eventually he’ll say “Screw it” and switch to Netflix.

under until upskirts vacuum:  Not sure what you want here, but at least the request is alphabetized.

dated dealtime declare deficit:  Not sure what you want here, but at least the request is alphabetized.

upskirts vacuum varies:  All right, this is getting ridiculous.

the money collected from selling bacon:  A most honorable sum indeed.

deanne is married to a very wealthy attorney and she wants everyone to know that. she drives an expensive car, wears designer clothing, and diamond jewelry. in doing so, which of the following traits does deanne exhibit?  Having never outgrown middle-school intrigue.

defiring:  Not gonna happen. Now get the heck outta here.

redneck haiku:  This here’s my trailer. If you don’t want no trouble, you’ll back off right now.

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