The evolution of scum

It doesn’t improve, exactly, but the stealth techniques are growing marginally more sophisticated:

[T]he phone rang as I was cleaning and I ran to check on it — a local number and the name Sheri McCoy. Well, years back, I knew some McCoys, they are since deceased but I thought, “Maybe Sheri is a daughter-in-law or granddaughter” so I picked up.

“Hello!” says a cheery male-bot voice “Our records show you stayed at one of our resorts in the past …”

I said another unladylike word and slammed the phone down. I know this is a scam because I think the last time I stayed in anything that could be deemed a “resort,” it was 1995 and I was at an Ecological Society of America meeting, and paying waaaaaaay too much for everything in a ski resort on the off season…

Okay, take that middle paragraph, replace “male-bot” with “female-bot” and “resorts” with “facilities,” and you get exactly the phone call I got Friday. I was sufficiently ticked off to take it to Twitter:

Especially since I had stayed at one of their facilities in the past. And they tried it again today, with 405-949-3304.

Dear Mr. Dante: What circle is reserved for these miscreants? Call me, but not on the landline.


  1. Holly H »

    12 May 2017 · 3:25 pm

    We have all apparently stayed at the same resort. Who knew?

    I did a quick lookup to find out why our Do-Not-Call lists are failing us. It seems that they only stop LEGITIMATE robo-callers (oxymoron?). Here’s the site that advises us to bug our phone service companies to make sure they are working on this problem. Apparently they could do a lot more to help us.

  2. CGHill »

    12 May 2017 · 4:14 pm

    “Legitimate robocallers” dwarf “jumbo shrimp” in the Oxymoron Olympics.

  3. fillyjonk »

    12 May 2017 · 5:32 pm

    the only robocallers I regard as legit is like when my city calls me to warn of a boil order. THEY should be permitted, or perhaps have an opt-in where you can permit them (similarly for weather alerts, Amber alerts, and school closures). These “resort” people and cardholder services people….their autodialer machines need to be nuked from orbit

  4. McG »

    12 May 2017 · 5:57 pm

    Mrs. McG and I partook of a heavily discounted weekend on Hilton Head in exchange for hearing a timeshare sales pitch, but our accommodations were not at any resort.

    It was so humid there were rivers on the walkways, fed by each room’s wall-mounted A/C.

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