Next exit, dystopia

Exactly one factor keeps this from being a proper nightmare: the fact that it began in broad daylight.

Please note that this unhappy experience was experienced without benefit of Ambien.


  1. McG »

    18 May 2017 · 11:09 pm

    Been reading Kafka?

  2. Roger Green »

    19 May 2017 · 4:13 am

    I had an escape dream last night; details are fuzzy, but it was more pleasant than yours.

  3. Holly H »

    19 May 2017 · 8:48 am

    Psychedelic! I think it’s a good thing to have crazy dreams. For one thing, it sure makes it nice to wake up. Love this phrase: “it wore no stars; it probably owed two or three stars”

  4. Dink Newcomb »

    19 May 2017 · 2:08 pm

    Lately, I have been into a phase of true terror nightmares.
    I woke up a couple of nights ago being chased by a pre-wheelchairir bound George Wallace. It was like a ’70s action TV show as I ran, ducked, dodged with ol’ George a short way behind me whenever I could look back.
    I am a southern white man who never supported Wallace (Gov of a state hundreds of miles away) but supported civil rights although I never was an activist– nothing to get on any of George’s enemies lists. My dreams generally have some relationship to reality but this was action-wise as realistic as possible with no comprehensible connection to life.

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    19 May 2017 · 4:29 pm

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  6. jsallison »

    19 May 2017 · 5:43 pm

    I experience brief flashes of a dream on waking up. The same dream. I’m waking up and I says to myself, self, formation is in half an hour and I have no uniforms. What do I do? What DO I do? I have my dress greens and blues so wife-unit has a choice of what to plant me in. It’s all about choices, don’tcha know? Neither are appropriate for the morning PT formation. I usually figure out I can show up in the shorts and t-shirt I sleep in and as a senior noncom there’s only two folk that’d take note and about then I wake up… I have confided this to a few other retirees and was surprised to find that this isn’t a just me thing.

  7. McG »

    19 May 2017 · 6:48 pm

    Most fearful dream I can remember was years ago, in which it suddenly occurred to me that I had at some time in the past gotten away with killing someone, and now I was afraid somehow that the truth would come out — the body or some other evidence would turn up despite my efforts at the time to prevent it.

    Since I remain firmly convinced there are no perfect crimes, only limited resources (including but not limited to the capabilities of the investigator) to catch the perpetrator, it would be just my luck to have a real-life Sherlock Holmes unleashed on me with unlimited funding.

  8. ETat »

    21 May 2017 · 9:58 am

    My late beloved grandma would probably say: “unlike for some people, this is happening only in your nightmares, not in reality. you are lucky!”

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