In the days before pants

What the well-half-dressed woman was wearing half a century ago:

1967 advertisement for Laura Mae blouses

Were it not for the Really Big Hair, especially to the right, you might think this was a trio of slightly overgrown tweens at a slumber party. Certainly they’re not trying to sell you on the sexiness of these blouses: the big deal here, apart from the $4 price tag, is the permanent-press feature, still fairly newish in 1967. (Brooks Brothers had come up with wash-and-wear shirts in 1953, but it would be a couple of decades before permanent press would approach universality.)

M. Serman and Company put out blouses under a variety of brand names, including Alexa, Runway 1, and Windfall; they faded in the 1980s and were gone shortly thereafter.

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  1. jsallison »

    31 May 2017 · 9:19 pm

    I bought 4 pairs of perma-press fatigues and eschewed the whole washing them thing in the ’70s, for which I suffered greatly, as my later wife-unit explained.

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