The newer, lower standard

The Fark blurb: Music video gets 2,215,444 dislikes in just one month. Rebecca Black impressed.

The story so far:

A video that racked up more than two million dislikes on YouTube has found viral success by being loathed.

Like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” smash, the German video is a pop song. Performed by YouTuber Bibi H the video has only been out for one month but has already been labelled as one of the worst.

Singer Bianca Heinicke has almost 5m subscribers but shocking numbers took umbrage with her latest musical effort.

No way am I going to pass by something like that.

And, like “Friday,” it’s catchy, if not at all cerebral.

Irritatingly, “How It Is (Wap Bap)” is not yet for sale on this side of the Atlantic.


  1. McG »

    31 May 2017 · 11:12 am

    It certainly lacks the raw intellect of “womp bomp a loo bomp, a womp bam boom” or “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie”.

  2. In The Mailbox: 05.31.17 : The Other McCain »

    31 May 2017 · 12:25 pm

    […] Dustbury: The Newer, Lower Standard […]

  3. ETat »

    31 May 2017 · 8:23 pm

    For sale? You mean, someone will shed actual greens for this?

  4. jsallison »

    31 May 2017 · 8:57 pm

    Okay, I liked it. Sue me. Short skirts and pretty legs go a long way. Having said that, I liked Nena’s ‘Neun und neunzig luftbaloon’ in it’s original german, sight unseen. I’m a fan of progrock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, classical, but not exclusively, I do stray off the reservation from time to time. And just so ya know, Led Zep is a progrock group. Listen to the lyrics.

  5. jsallison »

    31 May 2017 · 9:01 pm

    For proof I offer, Leo Kottke, and Albannach.

  6. CGHill »

    31 May 2017 · 9:09 pm

    Kottke, for his part, thinks of himself primarily as a guitar player; he’s described his voice as “geese farts on a muggy day.”

    I mention purely in passing that, a repository of photos that need no explanation, has 30 pictures of Rebecca Black, almost all of them dating from her 18th birthday (6-21-15) or later.

  7. Joe »

    1 June 2017 · 7:21 am

    I hear music on the radio that is far worse than this every day. I found it kinda catchy.

  8. Jewel »

    28 June 2017 · 7:27 pm

    If Madeleine Kahn as Lily Von Schtupp were to sing this, it would be improved immeasurably.

  9. CGHill »

    28 June 2017 · 7:42 pm

    Ah, if only it could have been so! Poor woman, taken away far too soon.

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