No, not a new Yes album, but the main ZIP code for Malibu, California, the subject of a song by Miley Cyrus, released about three weeks ago, and promptly covered by Rebecca Black:

I almost wonder if this is going to show up on her EP Real Soon Now, since Miley’s next album is due in, um, October.

Then there’s this:

Come on. Even Bugs Bunny knows from Pismo Beach.

Or maybe he doesn’t.

Next expected RB sighting: Girl Talk Empowerment, 6/6 in Toronto.

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  1. ETat »

    3 June 2017 · 12:11 pm

    She is so boring.
    No voice, no strength, wrong breathing, no figure, low forehead, no waist…and now she is stealing someone else’s songs, too.

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