Aquiline noses of blue

We got to hear from some of those beaks this past week:

Megastar actress Priyanka Chopra has been bombarded with accusations of immodesty after sharing a picture of herself meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this week. In a post made to Instagram, the former Miss World competition winner and star of ABC’s Quantico could be seen sitting with Modi after the two took advantage of an opportunity to meet while in Berlin, where their paths crossed. Chopra was there promoting Baywatch, in which she stars.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, conservative users on social media took exception to the photo. Some complained that the 34-year-old’s dress showed too much of her legs, and accused her of forgetting her Indian heritage. Other users even complained about Chopra crossing her legs for the photo, claiming that in so doing she had shown the prime minister a lack of respect.

Whatever she showed Mr Modi, he didn’t look like he was complaining about it:

Priyanka Chopra with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Just to give you a verbal picture of the Prime Minister:

Modi has also been called a fashion-icon for his signature crisply ironed, half-sleeved kurta, as well as for a suit with his name embroidered repeatedly in the pinstripes that he wore during a state visit by US President Barack Obama, which drew public and media attention and criticism. Modi’s personality has been variously described by scholars and biographers as energetic, arrogant, and charismatic.

He’s sixty-six years old and evidently not losing his vision.

And Priyanka isn’t the sort to hide herself in fabric:

Priyanka Chopra in Hello for November 2016

Priyanka Chopra in not much of a swimsuit

Priyanka Chopra relaxes on the sofa

And her own reaction to the controversy? Subtle as a flying mallet.

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  1. ETat »

    3 June 2017 · 4:24 pm

    That kneeling in water is rather painful to look at

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