Perfect for your tuna sandwich

Now available on a limited basis:

The Blue Jin Café, a café and bakery based in Japan, are making cat lovers’ dreams come true with their new Ironeko Bread (“neko” being the Japanese word for “cat”).

The feline-shaped bread comes as part of Blue Jin’s reopening celebration — the purrr-fect way to celebrate following a renovation project.

Cat bread from Japan

Note the shape, which is carefully designed to suggest felinity without infringing on any Sanrio trademarks. Just the same, it’s incredibly sweet:

This comes as a result of the flour having been kneaded in hot water, which gelatinizes the starches to “draw out more of their inherent sweetness.”

The bread, which is sold in packs of five slices, went on sale on 26 May for ¥350 (£2) per pack.

Is this worth sixty-odd cents a slice? Of course it is. Don’t be silly.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    6 June 2017 · 3:22 pm

    this is like the inverse of that old “inbread (inbred) cat” meme. Incat bread or something.

    (Not gonna lie: if it were available here I might consider buying it. When I was little and wouldn’t eat, my mom used to cut my sandwiches with cookie cutters in the hopes of getting SOME nutrition into me)

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