I still have a fax machine, but it gets scant use these days. It’s easier to deal with eFax, a j2 Global subsidiary that enables me to receive faxes through their Web site; an email alert comes in to advise of the arrival of a fax, and their application can be set to provide an eFax-specific notification.

In came two alerts yesterday, and they weren’t in the usual eFax format: the alleged Caller ID numbers, which numbers I’d never seen before, were out of place, and instead of the usual link to efax.com, there was a ZIP file with a filename of [seemingly random 14 digits].zip. “Ha,” I said, and then a little bit later: “Ha.”

Neither of the two alleged Caller ID numbers, incidentally, exists at all: there is no area code 221, and 838, beginning later this year, will coexist with 518 in New York State’s Capital District and points north, but no 838 numbers have yet been assigned.

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  1. McG »

    8 June 2017 · 2:40 pm


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