A marathon it isn’t

But it’s a lot closer to my speed:

This Saturday, the Lardbutt 1k returns to Magnuson Park in Seattle. It’s a .62 mile race that’s not really a race, but rather, a way to poke fun at all those other road races, and also acknowledge that some of us are slowing down.

“We still enjoy getting out and being active but my goodness we sure slowed down,” said Mark Peterson, the brainchild behind the race. “This isn’t intended to make light of people who are big or small. Lardbutts come in all shapes and sizes.”

And they’re serious about keeping it silly:

The race is also a fundraiser for the University District Food Bank. Last year, walkers and runners brought more than 2 tons of food.

But fun is the key. People dress up for the race, and when they hit the track they find out that, instead of water stations, there are donut stations.

Hmmm. How many donuts can you eat over the course of 3,280 feet?

(Via Fark.)

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