Frost in June

British actress Sadie Frost, fifty-two this week, is the daughter of an artist who specialized in psychedelia, and said artist’s teenaged muse; after they split, they each went on to several relationships, so Frost (whose original surname was Vaughan) has nine half-siblings.

Sadie Frost at the British Fashion Awards 2008

Frost and friend Jemima French set up a fashion label called Frost French in 1999; it is now mostly defunct.

Sadie Frost on the cover of the Sunday Telegraph magazine in 2015

Sadie Frost on the talk-show couch

She’s appeared in a wide range of films, as good as The Krays and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and as bad as Rancid Aluminum, which rates a 6 from Rotten Tomatoes. Her most recent appearance was in a good film, Set the Thames on Fire (2015).

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