A bit windy in Ireland

Deric Ó hArtagáin reports for TV3:

If you’ve ever wondered why television stations worldwide always put some poor slob outside to show you how terrible the weather is, I’m thinking it’s at least partly a matter of sheer sadism.

Ó hArtagáin himself wasn’t particularly put out, though: he pinned a copy of the video to his Twitter page.

(Via Miss Cellania.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    26 June 2017 · 5:58 pm

    1. The cut to the indoor hosts is priceless.
    2. I feel worse for poor Deric than I do when it’s someone like Jim Cantore getting beat up Mama Nature.

  2. McG »

    26 June 2017 · 6:42 pm

    I’d be more sympathetic if not for the man-bun. He had it coming.

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