It’s raining wieners

Oscar Mayer wants it that way:

As is currently en vogue for any company making a product that ends up in consumers’ hands, Oscar Mayer is expanding its Wienermobile fleet with a phallic flying drone that can (supposedly) drop a single hot dog on someone not too worried about what they’re eating. If Silicon Valley had its way, we’d only eat things that fell from the sky.

Specs, kinda sorta:

The drone itself appears to be a custom creation, weighing in at 6.5 pounds with a flight time of around 15 minutes, letting it fly about a mile before needing to land for a recharge. It has enough lifting power to carry a single wrapped hot dog during flight, but details on condiment capacity are still unknown. If you prefer those Chicago-style hot dogs piled high with pickle spears, tomato wedges, and peppers, you’ll presumably be limiting the WienerDrone’s flight capabilities.

You may have noticed that nowhere above is the word “bun” mentioned.


  1. fillyjonk »

    27 June 2017 · 10:58 am

    And where does the “five second rule” factor in to all of this? Or are they expecting people to walk around with their heads tilted up and their mouths open, like baby birds? (How soon before the first “I choked on a drone-weiner” lawsuit?)

  2. McG »

    27 June 2017 · 5:04 pm

    A Hebrew National kosher quarter-pounder is right out — both for flight time and for public safety.

  3. Holly H »

    28 June 2017 · 10:32 am

    The fact that drones are now involved with delivering meat products, does not improve their standing with me, one bit.

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