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“No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” — Dr. Samuel Johnson

Roger Green replies, sort of:

Some people dismiss those who write without pay as fools. But there are very many well-known folk who blog either for nothing or for PayPal tips. Initially, I blogged to write about the Daughter and Jeopardy! But it was also a sense of addressing my feeling of powerlessness in the midst of a Republican administration engaging in a war of choice that I thought was unjustifiable. I wasn’t sure I would actually write about it, but I COULD.

Now I blog because I pretty much have to. It’s therapy. All the crap going on and I can vent a little. At the same time, I have found it a useful reference tool for my own existence that I’M likely to forget. AND it is my vehicle to have dialogue, in a way Facebook simply cannot be for me. Something I wrote about my grandfather or Spaulding Krullers I can find again.

So can we: on Bing as of Wednesday night, Roger’s got the top search result for Spaulding Krullers. And years and years of poring over search strings have persuaded me that no matter what it is, someone out there is looking for it. As a librarian, Roger knows this:

Moreover, OTHER people find it and comment on them, occasionally years after I wrote the pieces. This gives the exercise a sense of being less ephemeral.

I am astounded by how often my 1997 stuff is unearthed, twenty years after the fact. Sometimes it makes me want to go back and add tags to it, though they won’t at all fit within the current tag structure. (Sometimes I wonder how the current tag structure even survives, given its sheer volume.)

Around the turn of the century, this place cost me about $275 a year to run. It’s since risen to $369, though more than half of that goes for ancillary services. (A quarter of it, for instance, pays for a security team, which will check a couple of times a day for rude malware intrusions, of which I’ve had two so far, and repair any damage within a few hours.) Still, we’re looking at barely a dollar a day for something to keep my otherwise-idle hands busy. Darn well worth it.


  1. fillyjonk »

    29 June 2017 · 6:56 am

    Part of the reason I blog is that I’d otherwise be that wild-eyed person buttonholing my colleagues in the hallway, and I don’t want to be that person. I’d rather people opt-in to hearing my anxieties.

  2. ETat »

    29 June 2017 · 6:57 am

    Ah, poor, poor persecuted Roger! Surrounded by scary Republicans, lone voice of Progress in a sea of neocons! Heart bleeds for his travails.

    A black liberal, male librarian, living in NY.

  3. Roger O Green »

    29 June 2017 · 8:30 am

    Well, that was 2005 when we were fighting a war I opposed – and, oh yes, we’re STILL fighting it.

    Dustbury – you ARE the source for Warner Brothers Loss Leaders. Looking up something on Wikipedia and your great page shows up.

  4. Holly H »

    29 June 2017 · 8:35 am

    Anyone who isn’t scared by the current set of Republicans, isn’t paying attention.

  5. Lorna »

    29 June 2017 · 8:44 am

    Oh wow! You have been blogging since 1997?? I think that’s the longest I have ever heard anyone own a website for blogging. That’s incredible, Charles! It’s always worth the money we pay. I think mine combined cost me over £1500 a year actually to maintain. It’s shocking to think!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  6. CGHill »

    29 June 2017 · 9:00 am

    Actually, I first put up this stuff in 1996; by then it was too late to stop. :)

    Lorna: Does that vast sum include the Jeans Blog?

  7. McG »

    29 June 2017 · 9:01 am

    Anyone who doesn’t know, deep down, that a multi-trillion-dollar government commanded by a total of just 546 men and women in all three branches in a nation of over 300 million, is among the scariest things ever conceived, hasn’t been thinking.

  8. Brett »

    29 June 2017 · 10:40 am

    I blog because it lets me pretend I am Mike Royko.

  9. Holly H »

    29 June 2017 · 10:47 am

    I have to agree with you, McG. In fact, I heard a social scientist just a few days ago, arguing that it’s time to throw out the antiquated notion that one person should have so much concentrated power as the President. It doesn’t make sense to expect one person to be on top of so many topics at once, in such a complicated world. Seems like it ought to be split into international and domestic, or something.

  10. nightfly »

    29 June 2017 · 10:57 am

    If federal government is, indeed, inadequate to all the tasks they have taken on, there is a simple solution well worth trying – have them stop trying to do so much. Let them concentrate on their enumerated responsibilities, and not attempt to meddle in local and state affairs… much less, have them turn into matter of law or regulation that which the larger civil society ought to work out for itself.

  11. ETat »

    29 June 2017 · 1:39 pm

    Roger, you forgot to mention one small detail – since 2005 there were 8 intervening years when the war was commanded and continued by de jure Democrat (de facto racist radical leftist) and his “progressive”cohorts.

  12. ETat »

    29 June 2017 · 1:40 pm

    Anyone who is scared of Republicans wasn’t paying attention for the past 8…no, 68 yesrs

  13. ETat »

    29 June 2017 · 1:42 pm

    [Chaz, your comment section is distorted on my work computer screen: can’t see half of my comment, unable to preview. Apologies for typos]

    I meant to say: Anyone who is scared of Republicans wasn’t paying attention to Democrats in power for the past 8…no, 68 years

  14. McG »

    29 June 2017 · 1:58 pm

    I agree far more with nightfly than with Holly; this much power this centralized, divided only by two, is still too much power, too centralized.

    Roll back all the penumbral and emanative powers that D.C. has usurped over the past 100 years, and you’ll find that a howling buffoon as president, or a faculty lounge egghead with no grasp of the real world as president, or even a drunken Machiavellian as president, all become way, way less scary.

  15. Roger Green »

    30 June 2017 · 4:39 am

    I didn’t forget, ETat – I just knew that it was a Very Bad Idea, and that, to quote Rufus, once yu get started, it’s so hard to stop.

  16. Roger Green »

    30 June 2017 · 4:42 am

    The removal of Saddam, along with the unemployment of the Baathists, who had weapons, after all, created a mess that is very hard to clean up

  17. ETat »

    30 June 2017 · 6:40 am

    Ah, so you’re of the school “every savage is a noble savage, and it is not our humble place, despite superior civilization, to meddle in his bloody affairs”.
    How “progressive” of you.

  18. Roger O Green »

    30 June 2017 · 9:19 am

    The intelligence wasn’t there to invade Iraq. It was a war of choice. THAT was the savagery. And maybe GW despite starting an immoral war, failing to read intelligence reports that could have mobilized our intelligence and defense arms in advance of 9/11, driving up the debt to astronomical proportions to pay for multiple wars allowing the right to convince people that domestic spending is the driving force of all our federal financial failures, stealing two elections by illegally purging voter rolls in multiple states targeting hundreds of thousands of minority Democratic voters, spending the first six months in office hiding in Texas, and rolling back financial regulations which became the tipping point for the 2008 crash was actually a better commander in chief than the current guy will ever be.

  19. ETat »

    30 June 2017 · 12:37 pm

    Ahahaha! Whole package. Congrats, you did a difficult thing: every sentence contains a lie.
    No such a rarity among your brethren, still – an achievement.
    A boring one, of course, and a sign of a dementia. Your clock is 10yrs late, your messiah had a chance – for 8yrs! – to bring along the “change” you so stupidly believed in, and he and oyu failed spectacularly.
    Eat crow, Roger. You’re a bad loser.

  20. CGHill »

    30 June 2017 · 1:32 pm

    Can we back away from the tarbrush for a moment?

  21. ETat »

    30 June 2017 · 3:28 pm

    I didn’t start yet.

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