A high point in town

This gorgeous private home on the city’s northeast side was on the 2014 Architecture Tour:

Mass Home on Persimmon Hill

At the time, I said:

Up on Persimmon Hill you’ll find the National Cowboy Museum, Coles Garden, and this five-acre plot, which used to be occupied by a small 1920s cottage, expanded a few times, and then rebuilt following the December 2007 ice storm. Somehow the place looks both traditionally rural and up-to-date suburban, which I attribute to the fact that they didn’t raze the original storm-damaged structure, preferring to incorporate it into the new one.

It is Bad Form, I think, to speculate on “What is this place worth?” at the time you’re getting a peek at the inside. But three years later, they’ve sold it — for $890,000.

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