Gamine the system

You almost wish Audrey Hepburn could come back to life and stomp this pompous character:

Let’s go over this block one more time:

Only once did this thread become even slightly amusing:

Not that I expect her to, but it would be funny as hell, to me at least, if she went full-Rapunzel for a couple of days, just to taunt that guy.


  1. fillyjonk »

    11 July 2017 · 10:42 am

    I’ve had short hair (think: flapper-style shingle cut) and I’ve had long hair. I think I look better with long hair. But I would never presume to dictate that for another person.

    Like I said on twitter: that person needs a (different) hobby.

    Also, long hair is more work. And unless you have mad blow-dryer skillz, you have to plan in advance for dry-time when you wash it – the shingle cut, as much as I grew to dislike it, was practical when I was a swimmer in high school.

  2. McG »

    11 July 2017 · 12:08 pm

    Some women should (in my opinion) never grow their hair long. Others should (in my opinion) never cut it short.

    Nearly all would surprise me by how attractive the new ‘do looks, once I got used to it.

  3. John Salmon »

    11 July 2017 · 12:42 pm

    Nobody asked me, but it’s not so much the length of the hair, but how well it’s styled. The biggest unrequited (of course) crush in my current life always keeps her hair short, and always cuts it herself. Manages to make it look different every time.

  4. ETat »

    11 July 2017 · 7:34 pm

    who are all those ppl?

  5. CGHill »

    11 July 2017 · 8:05 pm

    Generally, randos from Twitter, with the exception of Manning, who served some prison time for violating the federal Espionage Act.

  6. Holly H »

    13 July 2017 · 8:17 am

    1. I love McG’s tendency to like almost any new ‘do, eventually. That’s a good man.

    2. Love the audacity and competence of a woman who cuts who own hair, and even does it well enough to get good reviews.

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