Watering holes to be dried up

The weirdly-shaped building where 50th meets the no-longer-circular Classen Circle is about to be replaced by More Fast Food:

Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores has filed plans that show the demolition of several historic structures near the old Classen Circle.

The company acquired a small house next to the HiLo Club, Drunken Fry and Classen Grill in 2015.

They have filed to rezone .48 acres which is all the properties bound by Classen, NW 50th and Military Avenue and documents show plans to raze all existing buildings and construct a new Braum’s.

Also on this block: a beauty salon and a record store. This is not any kind of historic or otherwise-special district, so as far as the city’s concerned, it’s just a matter of zoning.

Oklahoma City Twitter has been denouncing the plan all day, typically like this:

Personally, I think potential customers will pass it by, mainly because access is difficult: if you miss it the first time, you’re going to have to loop for more than half a mile, or you’re going to end up on Interstate 44. I can’t imagine a local firm not knowing these issues, so I suspect this is someone at Braum’s HQ who is shocked — shocked! — that there is drinking going on in those establishments.

If they must put up a new Braum’s, let them put it in Kansas City. The demand is there.


  1. CGHill »

    13 July 2017 · 5:28 pm

    And about 50 protestors were on the sidewalk outside the Drunken Fry today during the afternoon rush in 95-degree heat; a later news report counted 100. They’re not giving up without some sort of fight.

  2. nightfly »

    14 July 2017 · 10:37 am

    Local to me, there was a failed push to save the Circus Drive-In, a venerable establishment built in the days when the waitresses would wear rollerskates and serve you carside. There are still pleas to stay the demolition, and while all that gets sorted, it sits forlorn (as of last week, anyway) behind chain-link, waiting for the dozers to close its big-top for good.

    My wife grew up going there regularly, and we’d begun a tradition of taking our son every birthday for an ice cream cone. This year we’ll have to find a new spot. It stinks when these local landmarks can’t be spared.

  3. ms7168 »

    17 July 2017 · 6:33 am

    I suppose they could approach it the same way I get to the Classen Grill which is from Western. Personally however I am against this. There are already two Braums within a mile and a half!

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