Strange search-engine queries (598)

Ugh, Monday again. Guess I’d better shake loose the search log and see what falls out.

combining academic work with a community project is an example of:  A desperate attempt to get extra credit.

rebecca burger nitrous:  I’m kind of puzzled as to how this turns into a gas.

fast supper:  If you’re fasting, you’re not getting any supper.

paaking:  It’s what you do with your caah when you’re in Baaston.

kevin is told that if he works for five days at a telemarketing job, he can expect to earn $100 a day on commission alone. when he gets his paycheck at the end of the week, it comes to only about $80 per day. he’s very upset even when he finds out that his coworkers all made only about $60 each:  And even more so when he discovers he’s marked for death by a group of angry call recipients.

walmart carsaver:  You might consider not parking there in the first place. Otherwise, you’ll get hit by a stray cart.

dumpster rental atomic city:  Just don’t fercrissake set fire to it.

circumferential evidence:  It’s evident, or should be anyway, that I have a substantial circumference.

igrunt:  Apple’s one and only device available to cave dwellers.

who is blanche:  Stella’s older sister. I thought everyone knew that.

phil baruth:  We know Jack, and we know Mark. We don’t know Phil. (And you probably don’t know Jack.)

this king was staying at camelot at christmastime with many fair lords and the most beautiful ladies and the whole high brotherhood of the round table in happy festivity and the high revels of the season. what element of medieval court culture is evident in the excerpt?  You know he’s the king; he’s the only one who doesn’t have shit on him.


  1. McG »

    17 July 2017 · 6:58 am

    No no — the iGrunt is a secure satellite phone by which the Pentagon can communicate with infantry soldiers in the field.

    It comes with a keyboard where texters can select emojis in desert camo, jungle camo, or “digital” camo.

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    17 July 2017 · 10:23 pm

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