The fastest man alive

Oh, I’m sure he can be beaten in the 100-yard dash by any number of folks, but I must praise this guy for being attentive to his customers.

Every post that comes out of here also comes with a tweet beginning with the phrase “Newly posted.” This process is automated by a plugin called WP to Twitter. I find the process sufficiently arcane that I felt I’d be better off not debugging things myself, and so I signed up for the Pro version, which costs some money but will presumably get the attention of the programmer.

At 3:00 Saturday I turned in a trouble ticket: at some point the Pro functions had been disabled, perhaps because I’d done something dumb, and could you please help?

At 3:02 his autoresponder, well, autoresponded.

At 3:12 he answered back with the solution. Turned out it was at his end: he’d released an updated version, albeit with something awry. He noticed it quickly enough, but anyone who’d downloaded the update during that brief period got the bad package. “Just download a fresh copy and install,” he said, and that was the end of that.

Our hero here is Joe Dolson of Accessible Web Design. He has several plugins besides this one. I’d recommend anything he does.

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  1. Mike aka Proof »

    17 July 2017 · 4:06 pm

    From the headline I thought it might be a tie between Adam Schiff running to be in front of a TV camera and Michael Moore heading for an all you can eat buffet!

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