Looking up from a groove

Cover art for Under the Mountain by DaJakalWikipedia will tell you that house music is “a genre of electronic music created by club DJs and music producers in Chicago in the early 1980s.” Which is true as far as it goes; but if that were all there was to it, it wouldn’t still be here in the late 2010s.

So much has been incorporated into house in recent years that sometimes you wonder if you’ve happened upon some whacked-out sub-sub-subgenre. I wasn’t sure what to make of this EP by DaJakal, and hell, I actually know the guy; I’ve heard a lot of stuff he’s done in this decade, and this sounds like none of it. The iTunes store lists Under the Mountain under “House,” but keep in mind that they list Taylor Swift’s 1989 as “Country & Folk,” so take that with several grains of salt. The five tracks here are, as required by the genre, compulsively rhythmic; but DaJakal does textures with the greatest of ease, and there isn’t a single gratuitous or unnecessary instrument to be heard.

Note: “King of the Mountain” is listed here as an instrumental, and that’s indeed what it is, but since no vocal version is provided, I’ll have to assume that it’s coming in the next release. (Which wouldn’t be a bad idea, since I think it’s the weakest track of the set.)

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