I should be so disabled

A lot of folks complain about those worthless scum on welfare, as though those people were, um, worthless scum. Maybe a few of them are. But few are worthless at this level:

Mark Lloyd, of Ynysybwl, Rhondda Cynon Taff, claimed £6,551.80 in Personal Independence Payments, saying a slipped disc in his back left him in agony.

At the same time, the 33-year-old competed in races, climbed Africa’s highest peak, went wing-walking and skied in the Alps.

He was convicted of a fraud charge at Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates’ Court.

Chris Evans, prosecuting, said: “He said he can only walk between 20 and 50 metres, can’t walk on uneven ground, suffers pain when walking long distances and needs to sit down every 20 minutes.”

He claimed the cash between October 2014 and February 2016, but the court was shown photos of Lloyd competing in the HSBC triathlon in September 2015 — a race he won in the adult taster category.

That month, he was also pictured posing with an African guide during his five-day trek to the peak of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which involved walking between eight and 12 hours a day.

He also took part in the World Powerboat Championships in Malta.

Counsel for the defense was reduced to statements like this:

“When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro he said he pushed himself and was in agony.”


Lloyd will be sentenced in August.

(Via Fark.)


  1. Dan T. »

    22 July 2017 · 8:23 am

    People who name a place “Ynysybwl” are in need of buying a vowel… can Vanna help them?

  2. McG »

    22 July 2017 · 8:30 am

    Ynysybwl, Rhondda Cynon Taff

    That’s where my old friend Lorem Ipsum grew up!

  3. CGHill »

    22 July 2017 · 11:40 am

    Says Wikipedia: “Ynysybwl is located in the centre of the Llanwynno parish, at the point where the stream known as Y Ffrwd flows into the Nant Clydach.”

    Of course. Apparently it’s an old coal-mining town.

  4. McG »

    22 July 2017 · 11:51 am

    I suspect Wales isn’t a real place, and mapmakers name the imaginary locations there by randomly scrambling the letters in their Alpha Bits.

  5. McG »

    22 July 2017 · 11:53 am

    If it is a real place, I do NOT want to play Scrabble there.

  6. CGHill »

    22 July 2017 · 12:02 pm

    Horrifying thought: What if H. P. Lovecraft had been Welsh?

  7. McG »

    22 July 2017 · 12:03 pm

    Are you allowed to win the internet in a comment on your own blog?

  8. CGHill »

    22 July 2017 · 12:07 pm

    I have no idea how this works for recipients.

  9. ETat »

    22 July 2017 · 12:39 pm

    If it didn’t before now you made it.

  10. Dan T. »

    22 July 2017 · 3:28 pm

    Perhaps Mr. Mxyzptlk hangs out in those places when he’s not at home in the fifth dimension or in Metropolis bothering Superman.

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