Stretching a point

Or half a point, anyway, but that’s not happening. First, a word from the designer:

Susana Traça is a former model and Angola native who has used the memories, experiences and expertise gleaned from years travelling the world to produce a range of exceptionally crafted footwear that’s imbued with her own personal style and international aesthetic. Watch out for her unique take on classic designs, from chunky-soled, neon bright espadrilles in animal prints and glitters to tasselled sandals in sun burnt shades of amber, russet and chocolate brown.

I can appreciate this take, I think:

Pump by Susana Traça

Tatyana had picked out a gorgeous dress (by Alberta Ferretti) to go with this shoe. And, as always, she was more than prepared to explain her choices:

Angles and bands/stripes thing that’s going on is corresponding to the dress’ angles/bands — look at the neckline, it’s just like the “nose” of the shoe.

The color is the same (good) but the texture is not (great!), it adds variety — there is nothing that says “trying too much” as matchy-matchy texture.

The curve from sole to the stiletto is elegant, not too high — which is not only uncomfortable to move in, it would make for a wrong silhouette (leaning into toes, too strained).

The maryjane buckle is high, almost at the ankle, but it’s still not a “dog collar” around the ankle: unusual for contemporary party pump, it makes it look like 1920’s flapper shoe — which I simply love!

Nothing here I could possibly take exception to. However, it was never meant to be:

The dress is 2 sizes too big (not per label), the shoes ½ size too small and look like something from a circus “parade alle”.

I feel some of her disappointment.

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