The vanishing bra

No, this isn’t a reference to the fact that many women would just as soon do without. It’s a clothing hack that startled me, and I’m passing it on to you:

[S]omewhere toward the back of that drawer there’s a stash of lovely unmentionables that are rarely worn because your skin-toned favorite is on such constant rotation. Ready to add a little color to your life and give your boring bra a break? Here’s a secret: You can wear a red bra under a white shirt (and no one will be able to tell).

Wait, what?

Although it seems like this defies the laws of color theory, that’s exactly what makes this work. “We all have some element of red or pink in our skin, so once you layer white over it, the red blends in with your skin’s natural undertones,” explains Candece Etafo, a stylist for lingerie company Rigby & Peller. There is a tiny caveat, however. “I like to compare it to red lipstick,” says Etafo. “There is a perfect shade for everyone, so you might have to try a few different hues to find the perfect red for you.” Meaning some lucky ladies will be able to pull off a bright scarlet bra under a white tee, but darker skin tones will have better luck with a deeper shade, like burgundy. Others may want to consider reds with tones of pink or even orange.

If you test this for yourself, we’d love to hear from you. (Because we’re not going to test it ourselves.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    30 July 2017 · 1:43 pm

    Am skeptical, but also do not own that garment in red or pink, so cannot test. (It would have to be pink, probably, for me, given how pale I am)

  2. ETat »

    30 July 2017 · 1:46 pm

    [am I being too indiscreet? oh well]

  3. Jay »

    30 July 2017 · 6:07 pm

    And from now on, every time I see a white blouse or tee, I’ll think of the old tag line: “Is she, or isn’t she?”

  4. Holly H »

    31 July 2017 · 9:31 am

    So….what’s the point of wearing a ‘secret’ bold color? Seems like an oxymoron.

  5. nightfly »

    31 July 2017 · 3:35 pm

    Wasn’t this a scene from the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve?

  6. CGHill »

    31 July 2017 · 7:10 pm

    Lois brought it on herself, if you ask me.

    At the other end of sense and sensibility, there’s the least beach-y of all the Sixties beach movies, The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini.

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