Strange search-engine queries (600)

We did it before; we’re doing it again. Here’s another selection of search strings, courtesy of Googlers and Bingers and such, who were looking for something and somehow found it here.

divine+warranty:  If you read both Testaments, you’ll quickly deduce that The Man Upstairs keeps His word.

grass is browner on both sides meaning:  It’s damn near August and we need rain.

“pony” and “botnet” or “stealer” or “malware”:  I blame Prince Blueblood.

babe tools plum crazy lip gloss 0 46 ounces:  That’s one heck of a lot of lip gloss.

grace vanderwaal net worth:  A heck of a lot more than you or I had when we were thirteen.

infliximab trough level testing:  You couldn’t afford enough of that drug to drag through a trough.

(and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words:  Which is really rough on those clowns who type in an entire exam question in the vain hope of getting an answer sheet.

nudewithfriends.tumblr:  Assuming Tumblr will let you see it at all. Are you a member?

dumpster rental likely:  Heck of a thing to have to predict.

“human cremation machines”:  More elegant, I suspect, than setting a rented dumpster on file.

driving directions to starbucks:  Go any which way you choose. You’re bound to hit one eventually.

tweetier:  When you tawt you taw two puddy tats.

dammit jim beer where to buy:  I’m a blogger, not a liquor wholesaler.

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