By decree of the remix queen

Note for reference: When Rebecca Black recorded “The Great Divide,” it came in two flavors: the original, and the right-on-its heels remix by Crash Cove. And it was the remix that eventually landed halfway up the Billboard dance club chart.

Inexplicably, “Foolish,” which if you ask me is a better song, made no chart noise. So here’s a remix, by Scheir and, yes, Crash Cove:

Says Brian Delaney of Rockdafuqout:

A stark contrast to the original, the two producers teamed up to bring a whole new feel to the track. Speeding it up a bit and leading with some beautifully melodic guitar riffs the track quickly builds into heavy synth work and a drop reminiscent of some of the Chainsmokers best work.

While the original has a nice vibe, this re-work hits way harder and brings dynamics that the original lacked. This will be in heavy rotation in my playlists.

And words of wisdom from the world’s oldest 20-year-old:

Where, indeed?

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